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Want to help those in need but can’t afford to give.

Load this web page on any or all of your computers and mobile devices, then click Start Mining to begin mining cryptocurrency using your CPU resources. You can leave this page open in a background tab all day, all night, to generate money that will be given to charity. Easy, right?

If the worker does not load/start, disable your Ad Blocker. Make sure that the energy saver/shutdown and sleep mode are disabled.

How Does the Giving Tree Work?

By clicking on the Start Mining link above you are using a small percentage of your computer or mobile devices resources to mine for cryptocurrencies.

When mining, your computer is being used to help verify cryptocurrency transactions that are being made on the Monero blockchain.

As a reward for helping to verify these transactions we earn the cryptocurrency Monero. We sell the Monero and use the proceeds making donations to “Save the Children”. There is no cost to you with the exception of a small part of your computers resources being used when you have this page open and you have clicked on “Start Mining”.

The mining is 100% safe, secure and you are helping those in need without having to donate any money!


We are donating money to Save The Children!  Save the Children believes all children around the world deserve a bright and happy future. They help save, protect and feed children every day and in times of crisis.